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Steve Quillon    Bass Guitar/Lead Vocals


Born in LIVERPOOL, at the same hospital as Sir Paul McCartney, Steve is a vastly experienced musician/frontman and also manager of The Fabs. In 1969, his beat group 'Hamble's Exaggeration' played two gigs at The Cavern - which entitled the band to a named brick in The Cavern Wall of Fame monument (opposite to where the original Cavern once stood) when it was erected in 1997.

In the late '60s, in addition to The Cavern, Steve also performed at some of the top venues of the era-many where The Beatles had played. Venues such as The Blue Angel, Litherland Town Hall and Prestatyn name just a few.

Throughout the 1970s, he was frontman in several Liverpool groups alongside some of the best musicians from the Mersey Beat days. Namely, Bobby Konrad (drums-ex The Mojos), Roy Cooke (lead guitar/vocals- ex The Tremas) and Dave Harrison (drums-ex Chuck Berry's band Rockin' Horse).

In 1986, Steve decided to pursue a solo career and gigged throughout the UK for the next twenty years. He rejoined the band scene in 2006 when he formed The Beat Club which, incidentally,  played its first two gigs at the new Cavern. The Fabs evolved from that group.

Riverside Lounge-Steven.jpg
Steven 'Stix' Quillon    Drums/Vocals


Born in LIVERPOOL, Steven is Steve's son and has been in The Fabs from the beginning. He was thirteen years old when he was given his first drumkit - which was a Christmas present from Steve Snr. - who'd recognised his son's potential as a drummer.  

In 2006, 'Stix' was frequently at rehearsals with dad's band The Beat Club and was always eager to play the drums when the band's regular drummer was taking a break.

He was still at school when he formed a group with some schoolfriends, and it wasn't long before they were performing at weddings and pubs - soon attracting a large local following.

In September 2008 he was called upon to 'stand-in' for a gig with The Beat Club and, by May 2011, had taken on the job another twelve times. In those same three years he'd also been playing drums regularly with two well known 'mod-influenced' Teesside groups.

'Stix' joined The Beat Club on a permanent basis in May 2011 and progressed into The Fabs. His one performance at the new Cavern was in May 2013  when he drummed for a friend's 60s band.

His driving beat and excellent backing vocals are an integral part of The Fabs' success.

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Richie Boddy
Lead Guitar/Vocals


Richie was born in SHILDON, County Durham.

A big fan of '60s music and the 'mod' scene in particular, he names The Who as his favourite group of that era and is a member of his local Scooter Club. After attending the John Marley College of Music in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, he went on to play in a couple of local groups before a short spell with a Manchester outfit in the late 1990s. In early 2000 he replied to an advert he'd seen in The Stage newspaper for a new '60s tribute band that was looking for a guitarist/singer. This is how he first met up with Steve Quillon, who had placed the ad. Richie was in the original line-up of The Fabs but left in October 2013 to play his self-penned songs on the original music circuit.  In September 2014, he returned to The Fabs' line-up . Richie still continues to promote and, occasionally, perform his own music. He has performed at the new Cavern five times.

The Fabs are:-

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